Kicking off a new blog

Aug 27, 2023

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I've got a new blog! Although I've had a few blogs over the years, I've never been particularly persistent at actually writing in them, and I've had the domain for probably a decade, thinking “I should really set up a blog there at some stage”, without having doing it.

When I was CEO at Silverstripe, “you should start a CEO blog” was something that I agreed to, and failed to follow through on, so many times that it become a running joke at the management team.

But, it's 2023, people are getting tired social media, what better time to start a new blog?

My main motivation for starting a blog is simple: to build a habit of putting my thoughts in writing. I was inspired by my friend Ingo’s motivation to get better about remembering things that he had read each week. He shared this YouTube video of tips. A couple of those suggested that sharing ideas, teaching ideas to others, and writing them down helped with retention.

My plan is to post each Sunday, capturing something that I learned from the week prior. We'll see where this leads, and you're welcome to join me on the journey. Hopefully some of what I write is useful to others, and failing that it will at least help me clarify my thniking.